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Board Policies - Series 1000

Series 1000 - Community Relations


Series 0000 - Philosophy-Goals-Objectives and Comprehensive Plans
 Series 1000 - Community Relations
  Concepts and Roles 1000                                                          
  Youth Services 1020
  Communication With the Public 1100

Media Relations



District-Sponsored Social Media


District-Sponsored Social Media

AR 1114
  Commendations and Awards 1150
  Commendations and Awards AR 1150
  Political Processes 1160
  Citizen Advisory Committees 1220
  Citizen Advisory Committees AR 1220
  School-Connected Organizations 1230
  School-Connected Organizations AR 1230 
  Volunteer Assistance 1240 
  Volunteer Assistance AR 1240
  Visitors/Outsiders 1250
  Visitors/Outsiders AR 1250
  Educational Foundations   1260
  Charitable Organizations   1270
  Public Activities Involving Staff, Students or School Facilities    1300
  Civility 1311
  Civility (Exhibit A) AR 1311
  Complaints Concerning the Schools   1312
  Complaints Concerning District Employees    1312.1
  Complaints Concerning District Employees AR 1312.1
  CDE Legal Advisory LO:   4-93 Procedures for Parents or Guardians of
Students to Identify and Report Child Abuse Committed at a School Site by
a School District Employee or Other Person



  Student/Parent/Employee Complaint E (2) 1312.1
  Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials 1312.2
  Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials AR 1312.2
  Citizen’s Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Material E 1312.2
  Uniform Complaint Procedures 1312.3
  Uniform Complaint Procedures AR 1312.3
  Public Activities Involving Staff, Students or School Facilities, Public Complaints,Williams Uniform Complaint Procedure AR 1312.4
  Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures E (1) 1312.4
  Williams Uniform Complaint Form E (2) 1312.4
  Solicitation of Funds From and By Students 1321
  Advertising and Promotion 1325
  Advertising and Promotion AR 1325
  Use of School Facilities 1330
  Use of School Facilities AR 1330
  Statement of Information E 1330
  Access to District Records 1340
  Access to District Records   AR 1340
  Fee Schedule   E 1340
  Relations Between Other Governmental Agencies and The Schools 1400
  Waivers   1431
  Relations Between Private Industry and The Schools    1700
Series 2000 - Administration
Series 3000 - Business and Non-instructional Operations
Series 4000 - Personnel
Series 5000 - Students
Series 6000 - Instruction
Series 7000 - Facilities
Series 9000 - Bylaws of the Board