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Susanna Contreras Smith

On behalf of our team here at Montebello Unified, we are excited to welcome you back for the 2016-17 school year! I hope everyone enjoyed their summer break and are ready to embark on the wonderful educational opportunities we have planned.
First and foremost, I want to thank our teachers and staff who keep our students inspired and classrooms running smoothly. Without your amazing work ethic and dedication to preparing our students for their futures, Montebello Unified’s success would not be possible.
Among many things to look forward to this year, I’m proud to share that we are revitalizing our facilities, ensuring our students have access to the highest quality learning environments that will propel them to achieve their goals.
Our community showed their immense support for our schools with their historic passage of our $300 million Measure GS bond, which earned a 77 percent approval rate. This new funding will be used to enhance our District’s libraries, computer and science labs, technology, air conditioning units and much more, allowing our students, teachers and staff to enjoy the highest quality academic environment.
To ensure our students are prepared for the 21st-century workforce, we are focusing a majority of Measure GS resources to provide technology upgrades. These advances will ensure our students are well prepared to compete in the 21st century.
Teachers will have the opportunity to take part in trainings that will prepare them for these campus enhancements, allowing them to continue educating our students at the highest level of learning.
These funds will also be important in maintaining the safety of our campuses.
We were also thrilled to unveil our recently completed fields at Bell Gardens High School, Montebello High School and Schurr High School. These fields will provide support for our athletic teams, allowing our football, soccer and track-and-field athletes to perform at their very best.
Thank you again, teachers and staff, for the transformative work you do every single day – your impact makes all the difference in the lives of our students.

I also welcome your input into how we can use Measure GS funds to further enhance teaching and learning.

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Vision Statement

We Value - An organization culture based upon both individual strengths and relationships in which learners flourish in an environment of collaboration, freedom of expression, high expectation and relationships
We Commit to - Continually refining our efforts to provide educational equity and high expectations for all students as we prepare them for success in college, career and beyond
We Believe - In developing and nurturing all of our students and staff through continuously creating conditions that promote rigor, relevance and relationships through our organization

Mission Statement

Mission - We promote rigor, relevance and relationships. We continually refine our organization so that all learners have the opportunity to think critically, establish relationships, collaborate and communicate effectively as we prepare them for success in college, career and beyond.


The Montebello Unified School District is a learning organization guided by a Vision, Mission, and Graduate Profile

  • Prepare students, Transitional Kindergarten through twelfth grade, for college and career
  • Learn continuously to ensure college and career ready students
  • Maintain safe and innovative environments that foster learning
  • Engage parents and community in the process of student learning
  • Align fiscal resources to support student learning.