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Pursuant to California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 852:

Students participate in CAASPP System assessments unless exempted as outlined in California Education Code Section 60615.


Understanding Your Child's Score Report

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP)

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Students & Parents

The CAASPP System is intended to provide parents and students more accurate and actionable information about what students are learning. Because the Smarter Balanced Assessments, which are administered as part of the CAASPP System, are computer adaptive, these Assessments will also provide better information about the needs and successes of individual students.

Parent Resources

  • Parent Guides to the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments
    These revised parent guides provide information about the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments and will help parents better understand their children’s test results.
  • CAASPP Student Score Report Information
    This page provides information for parents or guardians to help interpret the CAASPP student score report.
  • California PTA 
    This Web site provides resources and information about the new Smarter Balanced assessments built to help students, parents, teachers, and school leaders know where students are on the path to success. Included on this Web site are updated resources to help understand your child's CAASPP scores. 
  • Practice and Training Tests  
    This link accesses both the Practice and Training Tests portal. The Practice Tests provide students with grade-specific testing experiences that are similar in structure and format to the Summative Assessments. The Training Tests provide students with the opportunity to quickly become familiar with the software and interface features. The Training Tests are organized by grade-bands (e.g., 3–5). 

Student Resources

  • Multiplication Table (1–9) 
    This resource is a single digit (1–9) multiplication table that is a non-embedded accommodation for grade 4 mathematics items and above. This is to be used only for students with a documented and persistent calculation disability (i.e., dyscalculia). It can be printed for students requiring this accommodation.
  • Keyboard Commands for Students  
    Provides keyboard commands students can use to navigate between test elements, features, and tools.

Other Resources