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Common Standards Submission Requirements - Standard 5

Common Standards

Required Documentation



Standard 5 - Program Impact

5.1  The institution ensures that candidates preparing to serve as professional school personnel know and demonstrate knowledge and skills necessary to educate and support effectively all students in meeting state adopted academic standards. Assessments indicate that candidates meet the Commission adopted competency requirements as specified in the program standards.

No additional information is required during the Common Standards submission.


Information is available through Program Review submission


5.2  The unit and its programs demonstrate that they are having a positive impact on teaching and learning in schools that serve California’s students.

Description of how the institution knows that its programs have a positive impact with link to evidence that corroborates its claim.

CS 5.2 Description of Program Impact

CS 5.2 Co-Assessment Summary Individual Learning Plan 

CS 5.2 Collaborative Assessment Log 

CS 5.2 Inquiry Cycle Action Plan 

CS 5.2 Knowing Student Across Multiple Dimensions 

CS 5.2 Knowing Students Academically

CS 5.2 Mentor Assessment- Individual Learning Plan 

CS 5.2 Post-Observation Reflecting Conversation 

CS 5.2 Pre-Observation Planning Conversation 

CS 5.2 Selective Scripting