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Common Standards Submission Requirements - Standard 4

Common Standards

Required Documentation



Standard 4 - Continuous Improvement

4.1  Both the unit and its programs regularly and systematically collect, analyze, and use candidate and program completer data as well as data reflecting the effectiveness of unit operations to improve programs and their services.

Graphic depiction of the unit assessment system including the roles of responsibilities of personnel in the unit and programs.

4.1 MTIP Assessment Cycle

4.2  The continuous improvement process includes multiple sources of data including 1) the extent to which candidates are prepared to enter professional practice; 2) the quality of the educational services provided to students during supervised practice; and 3) feedback from key stakeholders such as employers and community partners about the quality of the preparation.

Annotated list of data sources included in the assessment cycle, including those submitted in annual data reporting and those that aren’t.


Multi- year unit assessment cycle schedule specifying the unit assessment activities; when they occur, and who is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and determining modifications.


Annual data submission, analysis, and feedback (located in data warehouse, does not require resubmission) will be reviewed


Survey Data including CTC sponsored surveys as well as local survey data and/or exit interview data as appropriate

CS 4.2 Annotated List of Data Sources

CS 4.2 Assessment Cycle Schedule

CS 4.2 Completer Survey 2016

CS 4.2 Administrator's End-of-Year 2016-2017

CS 4.2 Candidate Mid-Year Survey 2016-2017

CS 4.2 Candidate Survey End-of-Year 2016-2017

CS 4.2 Mentor Mid-Year Survey 2016-2017

CS 4.2 Mentor End-of-Year Survey 2016

CS 4.2 Mentor/Candidate Mid-Year Survey 2015-2016

CS 4.2 Candidate End of Year Survey 2015-2016

CS 4.2 Mentor Mid-Year Survey 2015-2016