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Today: 6/30/15


Montebello Unified Expands Full-Day TK, Full-Day Kindergarten to All Elementary Schools

Montebello Unified is rolling out its full-day transitional kindergarten (TK) and full-day kindergarten program at all District elementary schools starting in 2015-16, with the goal of closing the achievement gap. All TK and kindergarteners will now experience as many hours in the classroom as their peers in first- through fifth-grade. Enrollment is now available.

The Board of Education recently voted to offer full-day classes in both TK and kindergarten from 11 to all 17 schools in order to expose students to more instructional minutes that will translate to greater reading and mathematical gains over the long-term.

Studies illustrate that young learners are ready for more instructional minutes and are at a pivotal age to develop academic, social and emotional skills essential to boosting academic achievement.

Moreover, full-day TK and full-day kindergarten ensures that District teachers have more time to adequately identify and address any learning challenges – which closes the achievement gap by increasing the odds of success, and saving resources and time in the long run.

“It is our goal to effectively prepare students for their academic and personal success – something that must be fostered early and often,” Superintendent of Education Susanna Contreras Smith said. “Extending TK and kindergarten in this way works to build the foundation that gives our young students the opportunity to be ready for the more structured learning environments of first grade and beyond.”

The District is working collaboratively to ensure teachers and staff have access to requisite assistance and resources while reducing class size, hiring more teachers and to providing support for art, music and physical education instruction so students continue to have robust learning opportunities.

Families are encouraged to sign-up their students at each school site. For more information, please contact (323) 887.7900 Ext. 2502 or 2795.


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