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Local Control Accountability Plan (L.C.A.P.)

Montebello Unified School District LCAP

California's new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) is intended to equitably allocate dollars from the State capitol to school districts. The LCFF moves toward a more equitable, rational and efficient approach to allocating resources to school districts.

The LCAP is an important component of the LCFF. Under the LCFF all school districts are required to prepare an LCAP, which describes how they intend to meet annual goals for all pupils, with specific activities to address state and local priorities identified pursuant to EC Section 52060(d).

The LCAP is a large file that includes multiple documents. It can sometimes feel overwhelming to see a pdf of 148 pages. Some of the included information may seem unnecessary (ie: do parents really need to read the instructions pages?) but Ed Code requires all the following documents to be included in the 2022-23 LCAP:
  • Budget Overview for Parents (pages 1-4)
    • A general report on 2021-22 spending and budget overview for 2022-23
  • Supplement to the Annual Update to the 2021-22 Local Control and Accountability Plan (pages 5-14)
    • A plan that was approved mid-year in 2021-22 to account for funds that were provided to the District after the 2021-22 LCAP adoption.
  • Supplement Instructions (pages 14-17)
  • 2022-23 Local Control and Accountability Plan (pages 18-126)
    • This is the "main" part of the LCAP and includes an analysis of actions carried out in 2021-22 and implementation plans for 2022-23.
  • LCAP Instructions (pages 127-148)
The 2022-23 LCAP is broken down into the following sections:
  • Plan Summary (pages 18-31)
  • Engaging Educational Partners (pages 32-37)
  • Goals and Actions (pages 38-98)
  • Increased or Improved Services for Foster Youth, English Learners, and Low-Income Students (pages 99-111)
  • 2022-23 Expenditure Tables (pages 112-116
  • 2021-22 Annual Update Tables (pages 117-126)
The Goal and Actions section, which is often viewed as the most important part of the plan, is further broken down into 6 goals:
  • Goal 1: Basic Conditions (pages 38-40)
  • Goal 2: Effective Instruction (pages 42-57)
  • Goal 3: Learning Acceleration (pages 58-66)
  • Goal 4: Family and Community Engagement (pages 68-74)
  • Goal 5: English Learners (pages 75-82)
  • Goal 6: Social and Emotional Health and Well-being (pages 84-94)
  • Goal 7: COVID Safety (pages 95-98)
The listed pages reference the English version. Pages in the Spanish version may be slightly different