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Community Schools

What is a Community School? 


A Community School is any school serving Pre-Kindergarten through high school

students using a “whole-child” approach, with “an integrated focus on academics, health

and social service, youth and community development, and community engagement.”

As a school improvement strategy, community school initiatives enable the local

education agency (LEA) and school to work closely with educators, students, and

families to understand and address the unique needs, assets, and aspirations of the

school community.

MUSD Receives Community Schools Grant! 
Community Schools Grant Communication

California Community School Partnership Program Framework:


The Montebello Unified School District (MUSD) was awarded the California Community

Schools Partnership Program Planning Grant. Part of the planning process is to

establish a Community Schools District Steering Committee. In collaboration with the

Montebello Teachers Association, California School Employees Association, parents,

students, and community members, our first steering committee meeting was held on

Monday, June 12, 2023. The steering committee will meet regularly in the upcoming

2023-2024 school year to engage and inform the school community on the California

Community Schools Framework. The framework makes a commitment to asset-driven

and strength-based practices, racially just and restorative school climates, a

commitment to powerful, culturally proficient and relevant instruction and shared

decision making and participatory practices. The steering committee will develop,

facilitate, and implement the application process in order for MUSD schools to be

considered for the California Community Schools Partnership Program Implementation



If you have any questions regarding Community Schools, please contact the

Community Schools Program Specialist, Rocio Zargoza at (323) 887-7900 ext. 2262 or

via email at [email protected].

Montebello Unified Community Schools District Steering Committee Meeting Dates and Agendas:
Meeting dates and agendas to be determined