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Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee

"The purpose of the citizens' oversight committee shall be to inform the
public concerning the expenditure of bond revenues. The citizens'
oversight committee shall actively review and report on the proper
expenditure of taxpayers' money for school construction. The citizens'
oversight committee shall advise the public as to whether a school district or
community college district is in compliance with the requirements of
paragraph (3) of subdivision (b) of Section 1 of Article XIIIA of the
California Constitution." Cal. Educ. Code § l 5278(b)
We currently have Two vacant positions.
  • An active member in a senior citizens’ organization  
  • An active member in a bona fide taxpayers’ organization 

CBOC Annual Report
Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee Application
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  • Christine Dimas
    Active Member of the Business Community

  • Andrew Argott
    Parent or Guardian

  • Jose Gomez
    Parent or Guardian/PTA

  • Patricia Sanchez
    Chair Member of Community at Large

  • Richard Torres
    Vice Chair Member of Community at Large

  • Joseph Alvarado    Alternate Member

  • Martha Alicia Cabral
    Alternate Member

  • Michael W. Lopez
    Alternate Member

District Staff
  • Grace Loya 
    Executive Assistant II,      Ext. 6712