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Pathways to College and Career Success is an effective educational approach to high school that integrates academic course work with Career Technical Education. Students are successful in rigorous college preparatory courses because the career focus provides relevance through real world hands on experiences.  In addition to rigor and relevance, students in Pathways create relationships with their peers, teachers, counselors and business and community partners. Ultimately this supports a student’s ability to graduate ready for both college and career.


Currently, MUSD offers ten (10) high wage, high demand career themed Pathways. MUSD is undertaking this initiative with the support of a planning grant from the California Career Pathways Grant, ConnectEd, and The California Center for College and Career.







My experiences in the CATS Pathway have been outstanding and unforgettable. My mentors have been patient and helpful throughout the 4 years that I have been in CATS. I like CATS because the content is something that real-world movie producers and companies like Disney use for their films. I am honored to be part of this Pathway and I recommend it to other students. 


The CATS Pathway has taught me tools essential for life. I now know how to use programs such as Photoshop and Cinema 4D. I have learned how to use my communication skills and meet deadlines because of my experiences working on group projects. I have just been admitted into the Police Explorer program and hope to enter a career in law enforcement. I know all these skills that I have developed in CATS will be something I can apply as I approach my future. 

Ana Toca      12th Grade Student

Creative Arts Technology School, CATS Pathway  |   Montebello High School


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