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10 Career Themed Pathways




ACE- Architecture, Construction Engineering students use the design process, applying engineering standards, hands-on & 3D  modeling, documenting & communication for the design & construction industry.

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CHEF- Culinary, Hospitality, Educational, Fundamentals focused on culinary arts, food services, hospitality, and management, real-world projects, industry field trips, guest speakers, and hands-on application in a    state-of-the-art commercial kitchen.

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Health Sciences- Students focus on all facets of health such as study epidemiology, holistic health & wellness, mental health & behavioral health. In addition, students complete capstone projects during their senior year liking their 180 hours internships in a clinical & community health setting.

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PALS- Public and Legal Services focuses on public services such as law enforcement, fire services, through classroom instruction, hands-on training, and community experience.

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chop CHOP- The mission of the Culinary Hospitality Opportunities Pathway (CHOP) is to engage and develop students to become confident, innovative thinkers and collaborators through participation in a rigorous standards-based curriculum. The program will incorporate academic and industry-based hands-on experiences to develop 21st-century skills.

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icare iCARE Academy has been established to promote careers in child development, family services and education.  We are dedicated to providing students with hands-on experience, utilizing BGHS on-site childcare, internships, and partnerships with local colleges, agencies and businesses.

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CATS- Creative Arts Technology School- Preparing students to be the creative artists of tomorrow by offering rigorous A-G coursework & creative technology media training in preparation for a variety of college and career opportunities.​

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driven DRIVEN- Our mission is to prepare our students with post-secondary options in the field of transportation technology, with an emphasis on conservation and alternative energy.  Through an integrated curriculum, DRIVEN will enable students to critically analyze, utilize technology, and become Developing Resourceful Individuals that Value Education Now and in the future.

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ed Engineering & Design- The mission of the engineering and metal design academy is to provide a rigorous standards-based curriculum and real-world engineering experiences to prepare students for a wide range of college and career paths.  Upon completion of this course of study, the students will be critical thinkers, effective communicators, digitally literate, and environmentally conscious.

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GBL- Global Business & Logistics focuses on the study of people, places, and the environment by learning how to analyze and fulfill needs in the given market.

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