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Miguel A. Valencia, Director                                           
English Learners, Equity and Innovation
(323) 887-7900 Ext. 2359
Jesus Franco, Assistant Director 
English Learners
World Language                                                                                    
(323) 887-7900 Ext. 2330   
Lucy Lara, Executive I                                                                                          
English Learners, Equity and Innovation
 (323) 887-7900 Ext/ 2250
Adrienne Kim, TOSA                                                                     
(323) 887-7900 Ext. 5171


Sitlaly Martinez, TOSA                                                                                           
(323) 887-7900 Ext. 2322
Elizabeth Gonzales
Program Specialist
(323) 887-7900 Ext. 2290


Elizabeth Meneses, Senior Office Assistant                                                          

English Learners, Equity and Innovation

(323) 887-7900 Ext. 2538

[email protected]


Teresa Ruiz, Senior Office Assistant

English Learners, Equity and Innovation

(323) 887-7900 Ext. 4000

[email protected]


Giovanni Alvarenga

Technology TOSA - SHS Cluster

[email protected]


Christopher Olivo

Technology TOSA - BHS Cluster

[email protected]


Dr. Victoria L. Reyes

Technology TOSA - MHS Cluster

[email protected]


Susie Ochoa

Parent Involvement Specialist - BHS Cluster

[email protected]


Ana Mascorro

Parent Involvement Specialist - MHS Cluster

[email protected]


Rodolfo Arias

Parent Involvement Specialist - SHS Cluster

[email protected]


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