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Liliana Magaña

BOE Liliana MaganaResiding in Commerce, California, Liliana Magaña is a trailblazing first-generation Mexican American, taking immense pride in her roots as the daughter of Mexican immigrant parents. As the eldest among her five siblings, Ms. Magaña is dedicated to serving as a beacon of inspiration for her younger brothers and sisters, instilling within them the values of education, diligence, and a commitment to community service. 
Having graduated from Schurr High School, Ms. Magaña embarked on a journey that led her to attain a degree in Organizational Management, accompanied by a minor in American Law, from the University of La Verne. A remarkable feat in her own right, she stands as the first female National Boxing Champion in the City of Commerce, securing numerous boxing accolades, notably including the title of female National Golden Glove Champion. In a stride that transcended athletic accomplishments, Ms. Magaña secured a position of distinction within the Montebello Unified School District as a Board Member, a testament to her popularity and effectiveness among the voters. 
Beyond her individual achievements, Ms. Magaña shines as both the Founder and President of a non-profit organization committed to empowering underserved youth, both within the local community and on a global scale. This organization serves as a conduit for young minds to pursue their educational aspirations alongside their sporting dreams. Throughout a span of 15 years, she has fervently mentored numerous students from MUSD, embodying her unwavering dedication to giving back to the community that shaped her. 
Even in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Magaña displayed her altruism by actively volunteering at various events, contributing to the distribution of essential supplies such as food, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and other necessities to those who were in dire need. 
During her leisure time, Ms. Magaña enjoys working out, indulging in rounds of golf, and spectating sports, with a particular fondness for boxing and soccer. Currently, she is pursuing higher education, as she works to complete her Masters in Public Administration (MPA) and Juris Doctor (JD) law program at the University of La Verne. Through her multi-faceted journey, Liliana Magaña continues to embody the ideals of perseverance, empowerment, and dedication, solidifying her status as an inspiring role model within her community and beyond.