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About Us

School police officers have peace officer authority pursuant to section 830.32 of the California Penal Code. School police officers are required by state law to receive the same basic academy training as a municipal police officer or county deputy sheriff. In addition to this requirement, school police officers are also mandated to attend additional training related to campus law and school policing.
The authority given to school police officers by the penal code extends their peace officer powers to anywhere in the state. Since student related crimes, incidents, and events can often occur off school grounds, school police officers can be seen responding to calls for service and emergencies off-campus and in the community.
Currently, the MUSD Police Department patrols and responds to calls at over 40 school and district sites within 10 different cities/areas throughout Los Angeles County.
* Field Operations
* School Resource Officer Program
* Traffic Enforcement
* Communications/Records
* Campus Security Officer Program
* Canine Detection Services
* Emergency Operations/Emergency Operations Center
* Explorer Post 640
* Community Relations/Outreach