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School Resource Officers

The core responsibility of School Resource Officers (SRO) is to provide for the safety of students and staff at assigned schools. Each SRO is assigned a primary home school, typically a traditional high school campus, and is also responsible when needed at respective feeder intermediate and elementary schools. School Resource Officers work closely with site administration and Campus Security Officers on a variety of criminal and non-criminal safety and security concerns. They advise site administration on appropriate security and emergency preparedness response plans to threats of violence.
School Resource Officers interact with students, parents, staff and community members to ensure a safe educational environment. This positive interaction is vital to maintaining our strong community relationships. The SRO serves and the single most visible representative of the police department. The goal of the SRO on campus, in part, focuses on establishing quality relationships with students. This investment, within the context of an educational environment, will allow students the opportunity to become leaders of tomorrow.
School Resource Officers enforce violations of Federal, State, and Local laws and statutes. School Resource Officers are responsible for reporting and investigating crimes, drug and gang intervention, traffic control, and overseeing the protection of school property. In addition to responding to acts of violence, SRO’s are responsible for proactively facilitating threat assessments.