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Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

About the FFVP

The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program is federal grant providing an extra serving of fruits or vegetables three times a week to all enrolled students at schools awarded the grant.

These items are to be distributed during the school day, but not during meal serving times, according to the grant rules. Therefore, classroom produce sets will be ready at the end of the lunch period for teachers or students to pick up and take back to the class.

Most children do not get the recommended daily amount of fruits or vegetables. This program allows them a chance to include more produce in their diet and enjoy the benefits of the nutrients and antioxidants that these items provide.

For more information and lessons on produce, check out the CDPH's Harvest of the Month materials, and MUSD's own Harvest of the Month archive.

For complete information on all of the nutrients in a fruit or vegetable or to compare two fruits or vegetables, see the USDA's Food-a-pedia.

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