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Frontline Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Am I able to “Request” a sub?
A. You are no longer able to request a sub however; you can build a preferred sub list.
Q. How do I set up preferred subs?
A. Aesop allows you to specify certain subs as preferred, thus giving them preference over others. These preferred subs are contacted first and have the ability to view jobs online before their peers.
  • Keep in mind: substitutes can be preferred by multiple employees which can cause that preferred sub to not be available.
  • Being on a preferred list gives subs first view of that employee’s absences, but does not guarantee assignments.
  • The sooner their absence is created, the sooner Aesop can look to find a substitute. Do not wait until the last minute to create absences unless the unforeseen happens.
Q. What is this heart icon on my preference list?
A.     When setting up your preferred substitutes list, you will see a small heart icon next to each name. While you are able to add any number of substitutes to your preference list, Aesop allows you to rank five substitutes on that list to receive advanced notification of your absence. All of the substitutes on your list can log in to see the absence at the same time, but your “favorite five” substitutes will be notified by email and phone that there is an absence available to them.
Q. How do I attach a file to all my absences? What types of files can be attached?
A. With each absence you create, you have the option to upload a single file to that absence. However, you can also have Aesop automatically attach a file to each absence you create within a specified date range. To upload this file, simply navigate to the "Account" tab and click Shared Attachments. Here, you can choose a file from your computer or drag and drop a file for upload. Files that can be uploaded must be in .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx and must be less than 256 kb in size.
Q. Help! An absence was accidentally deleted.
A. Don’t panic. If you accidentally delete an absence and you need to get it back just contact an Aesop Client Services rep. They can recover it for you in less than 5 minutes. You can contact them by Live Chat or phone (610-722-9745).


Q. As a site campus user is there a way to print out a “Staff List”?
A: Yes. Please Give H.R. Cert a call and we will gladly walk you through the steps
Q. Can I request a sub for School Business from my Campus Preferred sub list?
A: No. the School Business form will no longer have an option to request a sub. However, when the absence is created the system will first contact the sub from the employee’s preferred list. If the sub is available, they can accept the assignment.
Q. Is there an option to view a substitute’s phone #? For example, in the case that a sub has accepted a job and has not arrived by the time the assignment is set to start.
A: Yes, by following the below steps:
1: Click on the confirmation # of the sub who has not arrived.
2: When screen opens up to the absence details, click on the tab at the top named Available Subs.
3: You will then see a search bar where you will enter the sub’s last name.
Q: How do I access the daily report if the internet is down?
A: You could access through your Administrator’s lap top which is not connected to the Districts internet.


Q. Can a Teacher request me?
A. Yes. However, the Teacher must create their preference list in AESOP. They may list five preferred subs they want
AESOP to contact first when reporting their absences.
Q. Can I view my past jobs?
A. Yes. AESOP allows the substitute teacher to view current jobs, available jobs, non-work days and their job history.
Q. What do I do if I forget my Username/password?
A.  No.  Be PROACTIVE!  You can log into AESOP 24 hours, 7 days a week via website (www.aesoponline.com)
or by phone (1-800-942-3767)
Q. Can I report a Non-Working day?
A. Yes. In AESOP you may report a “Non-Working” day. Use this option if you are unavailable for the day or for a
range of dates. The option to select a “Non-Work” day is only available through the internet.